Thursday, 8 April 2010

#Day 4

Day 4 (8th April, 2010 / Thursday)

As usual, checking in on 8.15am, have some light breakfast, then start looking for new assessment..

En. Zahir called me to meeting room and asked me about to go to site..woooow~ so excited to hear that. Hehe...waiting for long time to go outside since I already spent most of my time in office (doesn’t mean I hate to stay in office ..:D) and need some hot air sometime (not necessary fresh air~ =.=” )

Mr. Zahir introduced me to En. Meor, the person who will bring me to site. They gave me some short brief about what we would do and some safety advises.

After lunch break at 2pm, I wait for En. Meor at the lobby as planned. The site that we were talked about is not far from the office, it just taking 5-10 minutes to reach there. The location of site is at Jalan Madges.

This condominium is named as CINTA. It has 5 blocks and 4 levels. It consist 8 units of house for each block. Initially, these 5 blocks are called block A,B,C,D and E respectively. But then, it changed to some cute name such as Mesra, Kasih, Sayang, Berahi, and….errr, I already forgot the other one..sigh~

We entering the cluster and heading to block Mesra.

My first time saw this, I was amazed. I wonder how much the cost living here..huhu..

Doing checking using test bulb

We went to top floor and start inspecting the fitting which the workers have installed. We inspected everything such as PLC, halogen downlight, 13A Switch Socket Outlet, 15A Switch Socket Outlet, and so on. For lighting, wall-light and fan point, we tested it using bulb tester.

En. Meor writing down the observation

The worker test the point

Inside Utility room, where is the Distribution Board (DB) placed

The important of inspecting is we need to check the functionality of the appliance that they have installed to make sure all is working. After all checking, the contractor can claim for the thing they have done.

Swimming pool available on top floor

Beside the swimming pool, gymnasium and sauna also provided…waaaa~

View from top floor

Today we only done for 1 unit, it was so hot since we can’t use any fan yet and it was 3pm. I didn’t bring my own drink made me thirsty and very tired when I returned to office. It takes so long to inspecting for 1 unit, how about the other unit? Got 39 units left…sigh~

  • I ask En. Meor, about the price of a unit, and he said it’s not for sale, it’s for renting and it cost 20K and above per month..+_+
  • Dreams living here…(-_-)zZ

p/s: next Monday I will follow En Meor again…hehe

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