Monday, 5 April 2010

#Day 1

1st Day (5th April 2010 / Monday)

Today is my first day doing my industrial training (IT)..

I feel so excited and nervous at the same time..

Hoping that everything go smoothly and safely..

I’m checking in on 8.15am and start on 8.30am..

First I met Discipline Director, Puan Nor’aini Abdul Majid (Electrical Discipline), and she assigned me under an engineer, En. Zahiruddin as my supervisor to conduct my industrial training for this 12 weeks..

After getting my seat, En Zahir and I went to meeting room to discuss about our plan for first 6 weeks and gave me short brief about what consultant do. That short brief give me an overview about scope of consultant work eventhough I’m not really understand but at least I can still explain a little bit about their work..^_^

My first assignment given is to analyze the set of technical drawing about the project at Libya, titled 220/30kW Main Single Line Diagram.

I need to understand about the design, how it operates and why it built that way. It looks so confusing for my first time, but, everything became clear with En Zahir helps.

I’m checking out on 5.30pm.. and hoping tomorrow would be better to face my new challenge.

I’m ready to face my new challenge..^_^

My partner, doing internship and from Uniten too~

Some of the technical drawing need to analyze

Sub-station Precinct 3 (P3) connection

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