Wednesday, 7 April 2010

#Day 3

Day 3 (7th April, 2010 / Wednesday)

OMG, last night I can’t sleep very well. Laying in the dark, waiting for myself to sleep was very tough not like the other day. I think it would be my mistake for taking Oldtown White Coffee last night…my bad~ +_+

But, fortunately, I’m the one who woke up earlier than anybody (earlier than Helmi...hehe) eventhough the clock showed 4.35am when my last view before I fall asleep…fiuh~

Ok…today my 3rd day in training, I did some more calculation..(naaaaaaaaah, everyday involving calculation~ =.=”)..and this is the last stage for this, which is voltage drop and cable usage percentage calculation.

At this stage, I calculated and add up the total maximum demand load for each precinct. This is important for power distribution management.

p/s: not so much thing to do today…

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